Guido Deiro
Radio Folio

Title Page of Radio Folio
The Radio Folio
Nicomede Music Company Edition
The Radio Folio contained the following popular songs:
  • Waltz from Il Trovatore
  • Jingle Bells
  • How Can I Leave Thee
  • The Old Oaken Bucket
  • Farewell to Thee
  • Take Back Thy Heart
  • Marching Thru Georgia
  • Spanish Cavalier
  • John Brown's Body
  • Dream of Love
  • Home Sweet Home
  • An advertisement by Nicomede Edition (later published by Mills Music, Inc. at 1619 Broadway, New York) stated:

    The Radio Folio: A collection of old time familiar melodies easily arranged by the famous Guido Deiro. A great book for teaching and radio work.

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