Guido Deiro
California Mazurka

California Mazurka
California Mazurka
Accordion Duet

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Although we have not seen a copy of Volume Two of Guido Deiro's Royal Method for Piano Accordion, we deduce that the three pieces, Accordion Girl, California Mazurka, and Dimples Polka, were published in that volume. There are two clues: 1. At the bottom of the first page of California Mazurka is a brief advertisement which indicates that this song is part of a method book, and 2. all three pieces have the exact same publisher's number in the lower left-hand corner (35240).

The advertisement reads: Note: The Excelsior and Operatic folios of accordion solos contain many choice selections to use in connection with the lessons in this method. They are published by Nicomede Music Co.

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