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Allegro Deiro

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Allegro Deiro
Zampiceni Edition (1959)

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Allegro Deiro, originally known as Deiro Rag, was recorded by Guido Deiro on August 5, 1912 and released by Columbia Records. The sheet music was published in 1913 by Jerome H. Remick and Company in a piano arrangement by Herman E. Schultz.

According to the ragtime scholar, Peter Muir, the name Deiro Rag was changed to Allegro Deiro in the 1920s because rags had lost popularity with the general public after the teens and the publisher B. Quattrociocche did not want to draw attention to the fact that the piece was indeed written in ragtime style.

The 1912 recording of Deiro Rag was reissued in 2000 on a compact disc by Archeophone Records titled Real Ragtime.

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